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Smart Grid Electric Power Transmission Power Generation and Transmission

valid until: 12 May 2023date published: 12 May 2022

Smart Grid - Positions & Placments

Electric Generation, Transmission, Distribution

Merwin Group has an extensive record of success with an incredibly deep and wide range of positions across the Smart Grid of Electric Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Systems, Automation, Protection, and Control. Our depth of high Impact on leaders and contributors enable us to attract, recruit and place professionals delivering skills and expertise in a broad expanse of functions, disciplines, and organizations, designing, building, operating, automating, and enhancing the Smart Grid.

We are presenting a brief sampling of positions in our core expertise across the Smart Grid.

> Excellence in Smart Grid Staffing

Merwin Group was initially engaged to assist in staffing selected positions in the newly formed Smart Grid Center of Excellence. The Center and Smart Grid's focus is to provide a linkage of core products and services in Electric Utility-grade Substations, Automation, Protection, Communications, and Transformers coupled with the extensive advancements in all segments improving the interconnection reliability, availability, and economies of power transmission and distribution.

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Smart Grid Electric Power Transmission Power Generation and Transmission