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Get accurate predictions on your questions

valid until: 14 May 2023date published: 14 May 2022

One of the most advanced branches of Astrology is Prashna, which literally means Question. This is also called Horary Astrology in the West. This Horary Astrology has been practiced for centuries in India known as Prashna Shastra.
Renowned Deepak Sharma is a professional in analyzing and predicting Prashna Shastra based on the astrological analysis of your situation. The accuracy of prediction done by any astrologer depends on person to person and astrological analysis of their birth chart. Even if you are not having birth details.
Deepak Sharma can predict how your life’s events will turn out in upcoming years. The meticulous study is done in order to prepare a comprehensive horoscope which will give you useful predictions for your life.
Prashna Shastra is an important fact in Astrology. Many times we come across people without horoscopes and for such native we call them as belonging to the group of lost horoscopes.
Those who do not have horoscopes can be tackled in this system of Prashna Shastra. This is an astrological system, which is used to predict events depending upon the time at which a person meets the astrologer or at the time at which the question is asked.
Prashna Shastra is more predominantly adopted for analyzing and giving predictions to a particular event of life or activity. .It is normally advisable to answer only one question at a time if one wants absolute accuracy.
Prashna Shastra questions can be anything for anyone like following examples:
· Will I get a job this year?
· Will I be able to buy a property in Delhi?
· I have got a job offer from abroad, should I accept it or not?
· We just saw a property; is it a good option?
· Should I buy gold?
· Is my wife cheating on me?
· Will I be able to love marriage?
· Will I get a bail or not?
· Can I buy this car?
· I have lost my house papers? Will I find it?
· Will I get a visa for the USA
With years of experience, Deepak Sharma has used combinations of astrology and Prashna Shastra to give the most accurate answers to you. Thus this is a crucial part of astrology which is keeping up with the ever-changing environment of the current era.

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Get accurate predictions on your questions