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Ttique Provider of Organic Teas and Infusions

valid until: 29 Jul 2023date published: 29 Jul 2022

The seed that my father had planted years ago about respect and passion for organic farming continued to flourish in me as well. This is how, thanks to our experience, and my academic training as an agricultural engineer, I decided to create Tétique - Boutique de Tés y Chas, the brand for the distribution and sale of organic teas and infusions that I run together with my wife Jessica. Health and well-being are fundamental principles in our family, and we wanted to somehow convey to our consumer the incredible properties that nature provides us and, at the same time, take the time necessary to disconnect and enjoy the small but significant moments that we have in our day to day. With our organic teas and infusions, we at Tétique want to help you find a moment of peace in your day.

Tétique was born exactly for this, because we believe that good things need time. Our goal and commitment is to be able to contribute to your well-being, as suppliers and distributors of organic teas and organic infusions, offering you our various blends or pure teas, so that you can fully enjoy and feel their healthy properties. But why are our products better than others? The answer is simple.

At Tétique we offer only tea bushes, herbs and fruits that have had enough time to grow and

develop their great aroma. Our herbs get enough sun to grow what they need. They are crops that are in the ground without artificial fertilizers or pesticides, and they grow simply in the most natural way possible to obtain a high quality product, with highly beneficial substances and, in addition, for all this they develop an incredible smell and color.

This set of processes makes it possible to drink Tétique's organic teas or infusions , in any of their varieties, whether they are organic infusions in bulk or in single doses , in a pyramid , green tea, red tea, rooibos tea , or any other of the infusions vegan that we have for sale, becomes an authentic and pure pleasure.

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Address:- TETIQUE ECO BOUTIQUE SL at Calle de la Ciutat de Balaguer 10, Planta 3, Puerta 1, 08022 Barcelona
Phone No:- (34) 644 56 63 55

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Ttique Provider of Organic Teas and Infusions