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Did this every happen to you ?

valid until: 01 Aug 2023date published: 31 Jul 2022

Recently i had a new idea in my mind, i wanted to upgrade my hair dryer for health purposes because the old ones use a heating element and a fan to blow hot hair. Pretty basic, but also damaging to the hair.

But something weird happened, I developped a healthy obsession with my hair dryer, it relaxed me like nothing else, the warm sensation sort of distance myself from reality in a weird kind way, a REAL deatchment from the outside world !

It decreased my drying time and with my thick long hair i can assure you it was killing me, i used to get stuck for hours drying it now it only takes me minutes.

Also a funny thing, i had the relief of never going back to my hairdresser since im kind of an introvert so going there takes alot of energy from me and u know what it takes more ? Money, let’s not forget how much time a visit costs you. This is the reason why hair dryers are the most preferred options for smart people.

I grew attached to i but i'm sure anyone would,  here is the link if you are interested and want to take a look and dont forget to share a similar experience, i hope im not the only one !

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Did this every happen to you ?