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OctoFrost IQF freezing tunnel

valid until: 04 Aug 2023date published: 04 Aug 2022

IQF can help your business expand in a novel direction when it comes to frozen goods processing. Short for Individual Quick-Freezing, IQF creates premium-grade products at a high rate. With the help of OctoFrost’s IQF freezing tunnel, you will have the following advantages, compared to other freezers:
•High yield – primarily, the aerodynamics inside the freezer are perfected to induce minimal dehydration in the product. This directly translates into higher profitability for you, as most frozen products are priced better with increasing weight.
•Natural appeal – the products will keep their shape, volume, color, texture, and even part of the flavor. Each step of the freezing process has been perfected to create the ultimate freezing product at the end. Premium quality is guaranteed!
•Energy efficiency – depending on the configuration, your freezer may provide you with energy savings of up to 30%! Investing in the right individual quick-freezing machine means investing in your business.
•Top-of-the-line food safety – now you can stay well ahead of industry regulations when it comes to food safety. Preserve your reputation and minimize the risks of food contamination with OctoFrost’s Clean-In-Place system!
You can find out more about how OctoFrost can help you corner the IQF freezing market today, by calling +1 408 895 1401 or messaging us directly at

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OctoFrost IQF freezing tunnel