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Dolby Atmos Studio

valid until: 05 Aug 2023date published: 05 Aug 2022

Dolby Laboratories has developed the sound surrounding technology known as Dolby Atmos. It makes the sound expand in three-dimensional space by adding channels. If you are in Dubai and looking for a studio with Dolby atmos service, you may find various recording studios in Dubai. A Dolby atmos studio is a versatile approach in any recording studio. You can play Dolby atmos virtually on any configuration of the speaker, but the maximum range of speakers is thirty-four. The number of speakers determines the preciseness of the placement of each object. More speakers mean the place of the sound is precise in the room. But, it is not beneficial for all music content and sound effects. Dolby Atmos Studio provides an audio system that is object-specific. It means that it takes part in the enhancement of objective sound and improves the overall quality of sound. MNK is one of the best recording studios in Dubai and provides Dolby atmos services.

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Dolby Atmos Studio
Dolby Atmos Studio