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2022 trends of Global Logistics Supply Chain Industry

valid until: 06 Aug 2023date published: 06 Aug 2022

Trending global logistics & supply chain strategies that will shape the Supply chain and Logistics Industry in 2022 are as follows -
1. Localizing the supply chain
The localization of supply chains is necessary to speed up fulfilment options. Supply chain managers are currently completing orders from nearby retailers. Using up local inventories as and when required for faster delivery is one of many advantages of this strategy.
2. Creating Agile Supply Chains using Technology
It is crucial that any SCM technology utilized by businesses interact with the company's current supply chain systems, including the TMS, WMS, inventory control, and CRM platforms to make the supply chain more agile.
3. Moving to last-mile delivery solutions
Retailers and logistics providers may better respond to market changes and unforeseen circumstances when they work together as supply chain partners. Traffic, routing problems, the inability to deliver items for a number of reasons, and more may be among them. In this situation, using AI and machine learning is advantageous and will determine whether individuals are regarded as supply chain leaders in 2022.
Companies which provide reports on global logistics & supply chain strategies are Strategy Here, CSP, SIS International Research and Gartner.

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2022 trends of Global Logistics Supply Chain Industry