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valid until: 11 Aug 2023date published: 11 Aug 2022

The importance of mental health awareness
April is considered Stress Awareness Day 55. You all experience Stress on a regular basis in the current society. You have all, at some time, experienced signs of Stress in many ways. Everything from preparing for a wedding to preparing for an exam can be stress triggers. Stress usually manifests itself physically as fatigue, headaches, and muscle tension.
Why is April National Stress Awareness Month?
Since 1992, mental health experts and health promotion professionals have tried to educate the general public about this modern epidemic that affects the entire world and the consequences it can have on your physical and mental health.
Stress is something you should be concerned about.
The numbers don't lie:
• According to a study on Stress reports that 77% of persons have unpleasant health symptoms associated with Stress. Numerous mental health issues can be exacerbated by Stress.
• Stress that is ongoing can be very bad for your health.
In a pandemic world full of changes and health risks, the WHO declares that the increase in Stress is worrying.

As your doctor advises, keep up with regular preventive measures (including vaccinations, cancer screenings, etc.).
Techniques for Dealing with Academic Stress
There are numerous strategies to avoid the negative impact it has on Your health without lowering productivity.
Eat, sleep and exercise.
These three habits are the path to a happy life and greatly impact your performance, whether in life in general or in college. First, eating healthy helps fight Stress naturally, providing you with the energy and nutrients you need to pass all your classes.
Apply relaxation techniques

Spend time in nature
Online education avoids spending long hours in a room or classroom. If you can study outdoors, you can also benefit from your Stress. This is because nature has relaxing sounds and greater oxygen availability as there are more trees, bringing greater tranquility.
Management and stress management
The term stress has gained popularity, despite the fact that most people are unsure of what it exactly means. Stress is actually a normal, necessary reaction to survival, despite the fact that it is now mistaken for disease. This confusion arises from the fact that this defence mechanism may stop working in specific situations that are common in certain lifestyles, leading to major health issues.

Psychological intervention
Psychological intervention for stress management training 28 is established in becoming aware of one's own limits, developing adequate coping strategies, problem-solving techniques, relaxation, and training in social skills.
On-site massage
A relaxing on site massage is a type of manual therapy that aims to enhance a person's well-being because it increases the body's endorphin production.
Beyond inducing a profound sensation of well-being and relaxation in the body and mind, a relaxing massage has many other advantages.

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