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This feature lets you listen in to the motion sensor

valid until: 19 Aug 2023date published: 19 Aug 2022

Canon EOS 6D 11- A Benchmark DSLR with Small full-frame

EOS 6D 11 is a perfect treat for portrait photographers and for shooting landscape. The full frame sensor captures momentary expressions at 6.5 frames/second. Even when shooting landscapes, the 26. 2 MP sensor captures images exuding clarity and life-like depth. It is also marked as one of the largest pentaprism viewfinder cameras that offers a clear view, enabling you shoot more impulsively.

Whether you love to shoot from low down angles or even from above the grounds, the easy to rotate and flip Vari-Angles screen is a great feature to explore.
The benefits of using the metal-detecting probe is that you won't experience false signals from deer or other large animals that may trip a motion detecting driveway alarm sensor. These probes will detect large metallic object such as cars, but they won't detect a passing animal or people walking on your driveway.

If you decide you want to detect people too, then the motion-sensing driveway sensors are the only way to go. The good thing is that you can place these units high enough that they won't be triggered by small animals.
The next thing to consider is the features you want. Most systems have the basics that include a relay you can use to open a gate or activate external lights, sirens, or even video cameras. But here are a few of the more unique features that may interest you:

Intercom Feature: This feature lets you listen in to the motion sensor once it is triggered. You can even talk back to whoever triggered the sensor. This is a great feature if you are using the driveway alert system to hear who is at a gate and then decide if you want to open the gate remotely.

Handheld Monitor: If you are roaming around your property and want to be notified that someone triggered the driveway monitor, you can get handheld radios that will announce this. This could be a great feature for security guards.

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