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Solar Panel Cleaning Anaheim Hills, CA

valid until: 17 Sep 2023date published: 16 Sep 2022

Solar Panel Cleaning Anaheim, CA - 92807

Does cleaning your solar panel make a difference?

Yes, and it depends greatly on the area in which your solar panels are located. If you live close to a highway, under lots of trees, or an area with lots of pollen, it can make up to a 4% difference in performance.

How often should you clean your solar panels?

On a system with a tilt greater than 20 degrees, winter snow will often clear the accumulated dust and dirt every winter. If you see grime after the winter that would be a good time to call. Or if in summer you see they are dirty and it has recently rained and they are still dirty, then you should definitely get a solar cleaning.

How much does solar panel cleaning cost?

A good solar cleaning job with an articulating brush with water jets and a top of the line filtration system to avoid streaks and stains can have a starting cost of $250; the final price will depend on the number of solar panels. Always ask your solar cleaning team what type of equipment they use for solar cleaning to avoid any damages or stains.

Can you get electrocuted cleaning solar panels?

Yes, you can get electrocuted cleaning solar panels. Solar panels should only be cleaned by trained and certified solar professionals. Turning off the system removes the AC current, but there is still live DC current in either the modules or the wiring. If there is a nick in the wiring from an install error, critter damage or age, the panel frames could be energized. If you touch them by hand or with a conductive tool you may get shocked.

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