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Frequency Parameter Test System

valid until: 23 Sep 2023date published: 23 Sep 2022

Product description:

With the development of power grid and the shortage of land for line corridors, it is more and more common to erect multiple circuits on the same pole. The coupling between power transmission lines is getting closer and closer. The interference is getting stronger and stronger during the power frequency parameter testing of power transmission lines, which seriously affects the accuracy of testing and the safety of testing instruments and equipment. To solve this problem, we have developed a new generation of testing system for different frequency.

Frequency parameter test system Technical index:

Measurement Range Capacitance 0.01~30µF

Impedance 0.01~400Ω

Impedance angle -180°~+180°

Measurement Resolution Capacitance 0.0001µF

Impedance 0.0001Ω

Impedance angle 0.0001°

Measurement Accuracy If Capacitance:≥1µF,±1%Reading ±0.01µF;

<1µF,±2%Reading ±0.01µF;

If resistance :≥1Ω,±1%Reading ±0.01Ω;

<1Ω,±2%Reading ±0.01Ω;

Impedance angle:±0.2°(voltage>1.0V);


Interference Current 60A

Resistance to Induced Voltage 30KV

Outline Dimensions 550(L)×430(W)×530(H)

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Frequency Parameter Test System