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Managed Farmlands Near Bhopal for Sale BeForest

valid until: 28 Sep 2023date published: 28 Sep 2022

Most of the wildlife in the country exists outside the national parks, in completely unprotected farms, villages and in this case, in touching distance of a major city. Central India has long been considered the cradle of co-existence. For millennia, man and animal have survived together in the abundance of these forests, that Rudyard Kipling so beautifully described in his classic, The Jungle Book. But in the last 50 years, over 60% of the forest cover between Central and South India has disappeared. At Beforest, we have often wondered if we could contribute towards reversing this process through our collectives. We are bringing all our expertise and learnings from turning around geographically diverse landscapes to Bhopal where we intend to set up our second wilderness collective

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Managed Farmlands Near Bhopal for Sale BeForest