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Top Dew Point Meter Manufacturers in India

valid until: 28 Sep 2023date published: 28 Sep 2022

Vashti Instruments' precision dew point meters are designed for a measurement range of -100 °C to 30 °C.
Our dew point meters comply with parameters set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Online Dew Point meter ( VODM series ): Bespoke measurement ranges ( -110°C - 30°C ). Touch LCD with 65k color graphics. Capacitive Thin Film, Aluminium Oxide (AL2O3) technologies.

Portable Dew Point Meter ( VD-H2 Series ): Lightweight handheld design. Bespoke measurement ranges ( -110°C - 30°C ). Operating Pressure up to 20 bar. Capacitive Thin Film Polymer sensor. IP 65 protection.

Dew Point Transmitter ( V smart Tdx Series ): Bespoke measurement ranges ( -110°C - 30°C ). Capacitive Thin Film Polymer technology. Pressure resistant up to 350 bar(special version).

Dew point measurement tools from Vasthi Instruments are designed to faultlessly measure crucial parameters like Dew Point temperature (°C td), Relative humidity (%RH), Temperature (°C) & Moisture (ppm).

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Top Dew Point Meter Manufacturers in India
Top Dew Point Meter Manufacturers in India
Top Dew Point Meter Manufacturers in India