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Zinc Oxide Arrester Equipment

valid until: 30 Sep 2023date published: 30 Sep 2022


zinc oxide arrester tester is a special instrument used to test the electrical performance of zinc oxide arrester. The instrument is suitable for live or power failure detection of zinc oxide arrester of various voltage levels so as to timely detect the internal insulation damp and valve aging and other dangerous defects.

zinc oxide arrester tester is easy to operate and easy to use. The whole measuring process is controlled by single chip microcomputer. It can measure the total current resistive current and its harmonics power frequency reference voltage and its harmonics active power and phase difference. The instrument uses digital waveform analysis technology harmonic analysis and digital filtering software anti-interference methods to make the measurement results accurate and stable.


1. Full current measurement range: 0-10mA effective value 50Hz/60Hz accuracy: ± (reading × 5% + 5μa)

2. Measurement accuracy of resistive current fundamental wave (secondary method without Interphase Interference): ± (reading × 5% + 5μa)

3. Current harmonic accuracy: ± (reading × 10% + 10μa)

4. Reference voltage input range: 25V-250V RMS total harmonic content < 30% 50Hz/60Hz

5. Reference voltage measurement accuracy: ± (reading × 5% + 0.5V)

6. Voltage harmonic measurement accuracy: ± (reading × 10%)

7. Angle between fundamental current and fundamental voltage: 0-360°

8. Working time of battery: 6 hours of main engine charging power supply: 220 V ± 10% 50Hz/60Hz charging time: 5 hours

9. Host volume: 325 × 280 × 140

10. Host weight: 3.5kg (without cable)

11. Working environment: temperature: - 10-50 ℃ humidity: < 90%

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Zinc Oxide Arrester Equipment