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Lightening Protection Components Tester

valid until: 30 Sep 2023date published: 30 Sep 2022

Product Introduction:
Lightning Protection Element Tester is suitable for testing the DC parameters of over-voltage protection components such as zinc oxide surge arresters (varistor) cermet two three-electrode discharge tubes and vacuum lightning arresters.

Product Parameters:

Varistor measurement
Technical indexMeasuring rangeMaximum errorTest Conditions
Starting action voltage(U1mA)0~1700V≤±2%±1d1mA±5μA
Leakage current (I0.75U 1mA)0~199.9μA≤±2μA ±1d0.75 U1mA
Discharge tube measurement
Technical indexMeasuring rangeMaximum errorTest Conditions
DC breakdown voltage(Vsdc)(20~1700)V≤±2%±1dVoltage rise rate:100V/S±10%
Other parameters
Insulation resistance6MΩ(500V)
Withstand voltageAC1.5kV 50Hz 1min
Working temperature and humidity0~+40℃,≤85%RH
Store temperature and humidity-10℃~+50℃,≤90%RH
power supplyDC15V dedicated power supply
Instrument diemension208×190×78mm3

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Lightening Protection Components Tester