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Arrester Discharge Counter Calibrator

valid until: 30 Sep 2023date published: 30 Sep 2022

Product Introduction:
Arrester Discharge Counter Calibrator is used for discharge action logger inspection and verification of discharge counter in valve-type arrester including silicon carbide common valve type (FZ and FS), silicon carbide magnetic blow valve-type (FCZ and FCD) and zinc oxide arrester.
It is used to verify the reliability of various lightning arrester counter actions. The reliability of the counter action is very important to the power system. It is an important parameter to record the number of lightning strikes by the lightning arrester in normal operation. It can provide the staff of the power system with an important basis for the targeted inspection of the arrester. This instrument is mainly used for high-voltage arresters above 35kV.

Product Parameters:

1.Ambient temperature: -10ºC~+50ºC

2.Relative humidity: ≤20~90%(at 40ºC)

3.atmospheric pressure:86~106kPa

4.Discharge test voltage: > 2kV

5.Charge time: < 1 minute

6.Power supply: 220V±10% Frequency: 50±1Hz Power < 30vA

7.Dimension: 300×200×180mm

8.Weight: 4KG

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Arrester Discharge Counter Calibrator