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Why one should choose history as optional?

valid until: 03 Oct 2023date published: 03 Oct 2022

History is one of the popular optional subjects among UPSC aspirants. History has a big role in civil
service examination. History has its direct reach from prelims to mains exams.
As an optional subject, history has no negative aspect. It is more or less static nature and through adding
some dynamism, you will be in safe side always. 250 marks is the baseline marks for history optional and
if you develop analytical approach and adopt Manikant Singh’s Change and Continuity methodology, you
can score easily 300+ marks. It like dreams comes true.
Apart from, history optional, it is a major section in Prelims as well as GS paper-1 in mains exam. On
average, 15 questions of history including culture are asked in the Prelims exam every year. GS paper-1
covers History of Indian culture and modern history along with world history.
Apart from this, history helps aspirants in Essay paper also. Topics related to historical development,
foreign policy, international relations, philosophical issues etc. are asked in Essay paper and if anyone has
good understanding in history, it will edge for him.
Having knowledge of views of great philosophers like Buddha, Shankaracharya, Kabir, Vivekananda,
Rabindranath Tagore, Gandhiji, Karl Marx, Rousseau, Kant etc. help in Ethics paper as well. History
provides you many references regarding ethical issues, role models, problem solutions etc.
History is the mother of all subjects. It will help you to develop basic understanding about other subjects
also. You can relate current developments of national and world level and also interlink it with others
dimensions like industrial revolution in Europe and current industrial scenario of India, Russian
aggression in Ukraine could not be understood without knowledge of two bloc world and cold war.
In nutshell, you have many edges in your civil services preparation if you opt history as an optional
Now you are in hunt for best teacher of history and best coaching institute for history, then let me
introduce you with best teacher of history- Manikant Singh. He is the director of ‘The Study’ institute.
‘The Study’ is a premium institute for civil services preparation. ‘The Study’ serves you in various mode
like offline, online, pendrive, correspondence, special answer writing training ect.
Manikant Singh is considered as the best teacher of history optional in India. Lots of selected candidates
recommend him for history subject. Reasons behind it are- (i) Manikant Singh has more 30 year teaching
experience, (ii) Manikant Singh apply a scientific learning methodology which is known as Knowledge of
Change, (iii) Manikant Singh adds dynamism in history subject and UPSC expect dynamic approach to

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