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Humidity Calibrator FENSOR

valid until: 25 Oct 2023date published: 25 Oct 2022

One of the trickier problems in basic metrology is measuring humidity calibrator. Actually, these are difficult to complete. Two thermometers can be compared by placing them in an enclosed jar with fresh water (or liquor at a temperature below the boiling temperature) and aggressively whirling the jar to minimize temperature disparities. An elevated liquid-in-glass thermometer should survive for several years if used properly. The device manufactured must be measured in air, which is a far less effective heat transfer medium than water. Many variations of hygrometers are also subject to drift, demanding frequent recalibration. Another issue is that many hygrometers only measure relative moisture levels, not absolute moisture levels. However, because relative humidity is a temperature & absolute moisture content-dependent quantity, even small changes in the test chamber's temperature will affect relative humidity. To know more information, visit: -

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Humidity Calibrator FENSOR