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Vehicle Emission manufacturers Vasthi instruments

valid until: 25 Nov 2023date published: 25 Nov 2022

Vehicle emissions control is the study of reducing emissions produced by motor vehicles, particularly internal combustion engines. For more information, contact!

Vehicle Emission Monitor
VVEM-2210 Vehicle Emission Monitor is a product designed on the basis of customized sensor technology for variable gases that are emitted from the exhaust of gasoline and diesel vehicles. It is used to measure the concentration of exhaust gases discharged by vehicle engines including CO, CO2, HC, 02, etc. The automobile exhaust gas tester was developed by our company in accordance with the national standards of ARAI (AUTOMOTIVE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION OF INDIA). Designed products are divided into automotive exhaust gas testers for transient and steady-state testing of gasoline and diesel vehicles, respectively.


Road inspections and random inspections
protection department's transportation department.
A quick inspection of the automobile annual inspection test line and
exhaust purification device.
Automotive exhausts research in teaching and research units.
Automotive manufacturing industry and automotive repair 4S shops.

Install in a location that meets the following installation conditions.

The equipment is properly grounded. There is no strong magnetic field generated by heat sources or electrical appliances near the installation site (such as motors, or transformers)
If possible, the equipment is qualified for leak detection
Developed on the Android platform, with good human-computer interaction and intelligent control
Rich interfaces, can be connected to oil temperature, speed ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, and other parameters

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