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A StepByStep Guide For Connecting Home Theater Speakers To Amplifiers

valid until: 29 Nov 2023date published: 29 Nov 2022

Speaker Terminals

Audio speakers, receivers, and amplifiers have terminals on the back for connecting wires. These terminals are either the binding post or spring clip type.

The terminals are colour-coded for easy identification. Red is typically the colour of the positive

terminal and black/white is the negative terminal.

Speaker Wires

Speaker wires have only two parts on each end: positive and negative. Even though there are only 2 parts, there’s a 50-50 chance of getting the connections wrong.

Swapping the positive and negative signals can seriously blow up your audio system performance. So, double-check the wires before connecting them.

If the speaker wire doesn’t have the usual red and black/white colour code scheme, look for dashed lines or a single strip. This usually indicates the positive end.

Steps To Connect Speakers To Amplifier

1. Connect the end of the speaker wire that corresponds to the back of the amplifier. Make sure to check if the terminal is negative or positive.

If the terminal has a spring clip, push it down before inserting the wire. In case it is a proprietary socket, match it with the correct terminal.

2. Now, connect the speaker wire to the back of the speaker. If the terminal has a spring clip. Push it down before putting the wire. In case it is a binding post, loosen the screw before inserting the wire.

Properly check the terminal for positive and negative wires. If you connect speakers to amplifier with the wrong wire, you will get thin bass or scratching sounds.

3. Your speaker and amplifier are now connected. Now, plug the amplifier into the power source and boom up the speakers.

Need Help Connecting Speakers To Amplifiers?
Connect with custom home theater installation professionals like MKB Bespoke Audio. Their acoustic experts can help you with the amplifier and speaker matching task and also connect speakers to amplifier correctly.

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A StepByStep Guide For Connecting Home Theater Speakers To Amplifiers