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Shielding effect and working life of highvoltage cable

valid until: 30 Nov 2023date published: 30 Nov 2022

In the automotive industry, the design service life of cables at the specified temperature class is 3000 h. In recognized cable standards (such as ISO 6722, ISO 14572), this value is usually used for long-term aging test. The special requirements of customers in high-voltage applications may exceed 3000 h, and the cumulative operation time at the specified temperature may even reach 12000 h.

In terms of cable shielding effect, high-voltage cables are divided into shielded and unshielded products, which are different from coaxial cables in transmitting data. However, it is necessary to prevent or reduce the high-frequency radiation generated by the switching power supply in the system from being induced to the surrounding components through the cables.

Different from fuel driven vehicles, it is necessary to control three-phase alternating current of electric vehicle motor. The sinusoidal voltage carrying energy is equivalent to square wave pulse signals with different frequencies. Because the high frequency pulse has a steep edge, it will generate strong energy harmonics and emit them to the surrounding area.

EMI problems can be completely solved by using appropriate shielding methods. In some cases, combinations of different shielding types are required to meet different requirements for shielding effects.

With regard to the flexibility of cables, the challenge faced by the development of hybrid electric vehicles in many cases is that the existing series of platforms originally designed only to load gasoline engines and their components into more electrical components. Even if wiring is not considered, the space limitation can be predicted.

In addition, space is required for cables and connectors to be routed. The usual consequence is a tight bending radius. Due to the inherent design of conventional cables, high bending forces are difficult to overcome. In order to solve this problem, high flexibility of high-voltage cables is essential. Only a flexible design can make routing through vehicles easy.

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Shielding effect and working life of highvoltage cable