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How to Create an Easy Sustainable Garden Auroveda Foundation

valid until: 01 Dec 2023date published: 01 Dec 2022

Sustainable gardening methods are low impact ways to grow plants that aren’t harmful to the environment. This type of gardening uses resources thoughtfully and avoids using tactics that damage the environment. Whether you enjoy growing flowers for cutting, vegetables for the kitchen, or just want to create a place to escape, unwind, and relax, you (and the planet!) will benefit from an eco-friendly garden. Sustainable Living Experience is dedicated to providing an inclusive and immersive environment for students to develop lifelong leadership in sustainability and environmental justice.

Limited space can be a restricting factor when it comes to creating a useful and abundant garden. In a small space garden, the limitations in size mean that we can focus all our energies on using every inch. The smaller a space, the more focussed our energies can be. We'll have more time to spend on increasing the yield we can achieve from the available area.

Small-space gardening can have unique challenges. But there are plenty of ways to make the most of the available space and resources. Here are a few simple, sustainable small-space garden solutions:

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How to Create an Easy Sustainable Garden Auroveda Foundation