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How to install a door knob lock

valid until: 01 Dec 2023date published: 01 Dec 2022

1. Disassemble the spherical door lock first. The sphere that can be inserted into the keyhole is the outer sphere, and the sphere without the keyhole is the inner shape. Find the small hole of the door lock, and poke the inner ball with a sharp object to take the inner ball. Unscrew the two large and small rings to align the door hole and insert the spherical door lock. The one with the keyhole should be on the outside.
2. The lock tongue is buckled with the lock body. Check whether it is fastened by rotating the outer ball. Install the removed large and small ring on the inside of the door. Screw the small ring with the screw and screw on the large ring directly. Rotate to install the inner ball. , Use screws to fix other positions.

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How to install a door knob lock
How to install a door knob lock
How to install a door knob lock