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valid until: 03 Dec 2023date published: 03 Dec 2022

Having a personal vehicle allows you to be independent of outside factors and to organise your day however you see fit. Do not rush to miss urban transportation or perhaps be late for work due to uncontrollable circumstances. You feel liberated and have the flexibility to handle both business and leisure travel when you have a personal vehicle. The number of automobiles on the road is greatly influenced by all of these factors. They include vehicles like buses, lorries, and passenger cars. Putting this into perspective, there were only 500 million cars worldwide in 1986. And the number reached 1 billion automobiles in 2010. . Nearly 25% of the world's population is predicted to own a car by the year 2035, according to researchers at the International Energy Agency. Research indicates that the present figure will rise to 1,7 billion. Because of this, auto owners have a high demand for spare parts. Organizing the replacement parts market and enhancing the buying experience are the goals of the Indian online marketplace for auto parts,

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