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Types of RO Water Purifier

valid until: 03 Dec 2023date published: 03 Dec 2022

Basically, a RO water purifier is a device which uses a semi permeable membrane to filter water. Using this method, it removes sediments and dissolved solids, along with carbon particles. In addition, the membrane can be used for additional treatment to remove heavy metals and other contaminants.

RO systems come in a variety of models. These include a counter top model, a wall mounted unit, and an under sink model. Typically, RO water purifiers work well on hard water, but there are some models that are suitable for soft water.

RO systems also have a permeate pump. This makes the system more efficient. It uses wastewater as energy to force water through the membrane. When it leaves the tank, the water is diluted and easier to treat.

The membrane in RO systems needs to be replaced about every two to four years. This is because of its ability to be damaged by bacteria. To help prolong the life of the membrane, it is recommended that the prefilters and postfilters be replaced every six months to a year.

RO water purifiers can be used to treat well water or city water. They remove a variety of contaminants, including chlorine, salts, and many dissolved solids.

RO water purifiers are considered to be the best option for treating hard water. However, there are some drawbacks.

RO water purifiers require electricity to run. They also produce waste water. A typical RO water purifier will produce five liters of waste water for every 10 liters of water filtered.

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Types of RO Water Purifier