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Neem Wood Comb RIANSH

valid until: 06 Dec 2023date published: 06 Dec 2022

Neem Wood Comb -RIANSH
The neem plant has natural antibacterial properties that combat dandruff on your scalp. The neem wood comb, in contrast to standard plastic combs, which are susceptible to fungal infections, is safe and keeps fungi and infections at bay. It promotes hair growth, maintains the health of your scalp, and reduces the likelihood of acne or allergies on your scalp. It is possible to use the neem wood comb as an acupressure technique to improve your hair and increase blood circulation by combing backward with the appropriate pressure. Static electricity is created when you comb your hair with plastic or metal hair brushes, which ultimately weakens your hair. Because they are too sharp and harsh, it is believed that using a plastic comb frequently can cause your hair to become rough and frizzy. In contrast to other combs, the neem wood comb has a soft tooth that is gentle on the hair and scalp. The neem wood comb evenly distributes the oil throughout the scalp, preventing greasiness and giving our hair a nourished, healthy appearance. It is said that neem combs evenly distribute the natural oils on the hair and scalp. Neem wood comb not only keeps hair from breaking and falling out, but it also gives your hair shine and bounce. Wider-toothed neem wood comb are especially useful for detangling wet hair and reducing hair loss.
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Neem Wood Comb RIANSH