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Charging pile cable manufacturers connection of multiple charging modes

valid until: 07 Dec 2023date published: 07 Dec 2022

1. Multiple operation modes: automatic charging, charging according to power, charging according to amount, and charging according to time.

2. Chassis protection: with anti-collision design, when the equipment hits or inclines 15 degrees, it will automatically power off.

3. The device has self inspection function, including over-current fusing of arrester, over-voltage and undervoltage alarm of device, insulation monitoring, etc.

Charging pile manufacturers talk about small experts in air quality purification. It has become an inevitable trend for the sustainable development of the automobile industry that electric vehicles replace traditional fuel vehicles. Up to now, they have achieved rapid development worldwide. Many electric vehicles can be seen in large cities, especially electric buses, which have been put into use in large quantities.

The enterprise network transformation of charging pile manufacturers, in order to promote the charging pile to keep pace with the times and integrate into the citizens' life more quickly, charging pile enterprises actively cooperate with the development model, integrate Internet resources, approach the people with a multi-function model, conform to the development direction of the new energy market, promote the formation of the industrial chain, and innovate the enterprise operation model.

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Charging pile cable manufacturers connection of multiple charging modes