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AC cable for EV car charging spiral cable spring wire

valid until: 07 Dec 2023date published: 07 Dec 2022

Spring cable is a kind of equipment connecting line that uses scalability to work. It is an electrical connection used to control the movement of mobile equipment. It can rebound quickly in a short time and is widely used in mobile equipment such as automobiles, charging equipment, automatic machines, meters, etc; It is used in Europe, America and some domestic high-end customized products.

The spring cables of this series of products are mainly used in charging systems conforming to GB/T 18487. 1-2001. They are connected with connecting devices specified in GB/T 20234. They operate at different voltages and frequencies, and may also include lower voltage levels and communication signals. The conductors are Class 5 or Class 6 conductors in GB/T3956.

Cable characteristics:

1. Rated temperature: - 40 ℃~+90 ℃

2. Rated voltage: AC 450/750V

3. Cable bending radius min bend radius: ≤ 6D

4. Spring maximum stretch length: ≤ length of closed spring * 3.5 The length of the closed spring * 3.5

5. Recommended diameter for spring coil processing: 3.3D ~ 4.8D

6. Cable tensile property: After 15, 000 tensile tests, 3.5kVac/5min No Breakdown

7. Dielectric Voltage: 3.5kVac/5min No Breakdown

8. Anti tear performance of sheath: ≥ 40N/mm

9. Environmental Requirements: Compliance with RoHS and REACH

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AC cable for EV car charging spiral cable spring wire