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Using Funny Stickers for Marketing Purposes

valid until: 09 Dec 2023date published: 09 Dec 2022

The market has a wide range of car stickers available for the needs of clients. They come in all shapes and sizes, they are self-adhesive and the installation demands only several minutes.

Even if a vehicle owner is incapable of discovering the best car decals for marketing or personal purposes, many companies are willing to customize designs that are just right and 100 percent personalized.

If you are looking forward to using car stickers for marketing purposes on your vehicle, you will have to keep the following important tips in mind.

Make It Visible Enough

Instead of going for several smaller stickers that will divert attention and that will be difficult to notice, you should rather focus on one or several larger decals that will be instantly understandable.

Keep in mind that the vehicle is a mobile promotional medium. What does it mean? Unless your car is immobile, people will have only several seconds to observe the message, understand it, and remember the brand.

A larger sticker and a memorable logo are the two prerequisites for brand awareness. You may be tempted to go into the realm of abstract for creativity purposes but the vehicle is an inappropriate medium for this goal.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

The color scheme that you choose for your car stickers should also promote brand awareness. People who are already familiar with your brand will be capable of instantly getting the message and others will be capable of remembering it.

The colors need to be contrasting and bright. Everything that is dull or very subtle will remain difficult to notice. Keep in mind that the car stickers will have to stand out from the actual color of the vehicle. If the car is red, for example, you can choose black or white stickers that will stand out beautifully.

Use a Protective Layer

Car stickers may come with a protective coating and it is a wise idea to choose this kind of decal for your marketing purposes.

Vinyl coating on the car stickers will keep them safe from environmental effects. Moisture and intense heat, for example, have the power to cause the car stickers to crack or fade in color. Enjoying them for a longer period of time signifies choosing the most durable option.


The car stickers are decorative but they will also be used to convey some practical information. This is why you have to choose the text and the font that is just right.

Keep the marketing message very short. Some of the catchiest slogans out there are brief and fun. You should also choose a text color that contrasts the rest of the vehicle decal. Refrain from utilizing decorative fonts. They do look fancy but they will minimize the readability of the sticker.

Understand the fact that when you are thinking in terms of marketing, car stickers have to be more practical rather than creative. Make it easy to understand, colorful, and bright.

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Using Funny Stickers for Marketing Purposes