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Knowledge of cabinet hardware

valid until: 09 Dec 2023date published: 09 Dec 2022

kitchen cabinet hinge

The basic function and quality requirements of the hinge As we all know, the hinge is usually the weak link in the technical process of joining the cabinet body and the door panel and repeatedly opening and closing. Since the door panels need to be opened and closed many times every day, the quality of the hinges is particularly important. Generally speaking, the quality of the hinge mainly depends on the opening and closing effect and durability of the door panel. Natural, smooth and silent are the basic performance requirements; secondly, when the door panel needs to be adjusted many times, the eccentric depth adjustment function can be adjusted easily but very accurately The position of the door; another example is the adjustment of the opening and closing force of the spring. The opening and closing effect of the door panel must not be affected by the shape and weight of the door panel. In addition, the plastic ring installed on the bolt can protect the interface of the door panel from damage due to frequent opening and closing.
kitchen cabinet drawer rails

Kitchen cabinet drawer rail is one of the important hardware accessories in the manufacture of modern kitchen cabinet furniture and office furniture. Its technical function and quality are second only to hinges. The quality of the drawer slides is not distinguished from the appearance and the way of use. The difference lies in the quality differences caused by the different materials, principles, structures, equipment, and production processes. The slide rail is one of the important factors affecting the performance of the drawer. The best sliding function should be the natural combination of stability and load-bearing effect. Among them, the hidden type and the ball type slide rail are more practical. It is true that the assembly accuracy, quality and positioning reference of the drawer slide rail often affect the smooth movement and reciprocating freedom of the slide rail. Therefore, when choosing different types of drawer slides for installation, you should carefully grasp the space distance positioning scale and the correct assembly application method, and the cooperation of several aspects can obtain the normal use effect of the drawer slides.

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Knowledge of cabinet hardware