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DRex Electronics:Which is better FPGA or microcontroller?

valid until: 23 Dec 2023date published: 23 Dec 2022

The microcontroller can be understood as an integrated microcomputer system on a single chip, although small in all five organs, there are also an operator, controller, memory, bus, and input and output equipment, the use is also the way of storage program execution, the microcontroller programming is to write the ROM program. When powered up, programs in ROM are executed as if they were in the computer’s memory. Today’s microcontroller also integrates A/D, D/A conversion, serial port, and other means of data exchange with the outside world. The single-chip microcomputer is limited in computing speed and performance, but it is more than adequate for some basic controls.
FPGA is a chip with a lower control level and greater freedom. The programming of FPGA is converted into the wiring table in FPGA after compilation, which is equivalent to providing a large number of basic digital devices such as gate, or non-gate, trigger (can be formed with and non-gate) in FPGA. Programming determines how many devices are used and the connection between them. As long as the FPGA scale is large enough, these digital devices can theoretically form any digital system, including microcontrollers and even CPUs. FPGA has great advantages in anti-interference and speed.

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DRex Electronics:Which is better FPGA or microcontroller?