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Transformer Test Bench 5000kVA

valid until: 16 Feb 2024date published: 16 Feb 2023


The system is suitable for high-voltage 10KV, 35KV low voltage 400V capacity 5000kVA and the following transformer factory test and voltage 10kV capacity 3150kVA and below the distribution transformer no-load test, load test, variable ratio measurement, DC resistance measurement, power frequency withstand voltage test, sensitive The pressure test is integrated integrally integrated, digitized, reducing mechanical faults and reading errors, improves the accuracy and applicability of the overall test system, making the factory trial easier and faster.

Technical parameter:

High pressure 35K, low pressure 400V capacity 5000kVA or less dry press factory testHigh pressure 10K, low pressure 400V capacity 5000kva dryer factory testHigh pressure 10K, low voltage 400V capacity 3150kVA or less oil immersion press factory test
Voltage transformer metering range and accuracyVoltage Transformer Range: 100V ~ 3.6kV
Voltage transformer gear: 3.6kV, 2kV, 1.2kV, 0.6kV
Current transformer accuracy: 0.05%
Power frequency withstand voltage testLeak current: ≤ 300mA

Output voltage: ≤ 100kV

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Transformer Test Bench 5000kVA