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The Best 144Hz Laptops In 2022

valid until: 16 Feb 2024date published: 16 Feb 2023

These are the best portable PC gaming machines with 144Hz displays.

High-refresh-rate gaming is one of the things that you need to be able to experience for yourself to fully enjoy. The graphics are silky smooth and controls are more responsive when playing at 120 or 90fps and the advantages only get better the more frame count gets. However, to be able to enjoy this high frame rate you’ll need the proper equipment, which includes an ultra-refresh rate display as well as an appropriate processor and graphics card fast enough to tackle the task.

One might think that one might think that high FPS gaming is only meant for the most expensive computers There are a variety of gaming laptops that have high-quality hardware and displays that are 144Hz enough to support the higher refresh rates. We’ve selected five of the top options in the market today. We’ve got 14-inch 15-, 15- and 17-inch models, all varying in power and price to fit your gaming requirements at 144Hz.

The Most Reliable Laptop with 144Hz Asus ROG Strix G17 G712LW-ES74

Like the name suggests that the ROG Strix G712LW has the 17.3-inch 10–80p screen. It is equipped with an IPS panel with the lowest response time of 3ms and obviously the 144Hz refresh rate.

The ROG Strix G17 comes with the Intel Core i7–10750H processor, with 8GB of Nvidia GeForce 2070 RTX card, as well as 16GB of RAM and 500GB SSD. You don’t have to worry about the GPU isn’t part of the latest RTX 3000 series — the RTX 2070 has the same capabilities for ray tracing and DLSS like the latest RTX cards and is powerful enough to provide smooth 1080p gaming with the high frame rate the laptop’s screen allows.

Best 14-inch 144Hz Laptop Razer Blade 14

A laptop with 14 inches might appear to be a bad choice for PC gaming with high-end specs You’ll be amazed by how the power Razer can pack inside it. Razer Blade 14’s compact chassis. It’s also the most powerful 14-inch laptop available that supports 144Hz, and also the most powerful model in our top 10 list.

Razer Blade 14 Razer Blade 14 comes in two variants: a $2,800 model that comes by an 8GB Nvidia GeForce 3080 graphics card. There is also an option for $2,200 that comes equipped with an 8GB RTX3070. Both models stand out from others gaming laptops however the RTX 3080 model can naturally play games with greater resolution.

Best 144Hz Laptop Under $1,000 Acer Nitro 5 AN515–57–700J

The Acer Nitro 5 laptops come in various models that range from $700 to $2100, however, the AN515–57–700J loadout for $999 offers the best combination of features and price within the range.

The Nitro 5 A515–57–700J model is one of the Acer’s fifteen-inch Nitro 5 versions. The 15.3-inch screen is IPS and has an maximum resolution of 1080 pixels and 144Hz refresh rate and a response time of 3ms. It is also 17-inch models that have 1440p screens with speeds of 165Hz which make up the top class of Nitro 5 configurations, but the 15-inch models are cheaper and games are likely to look just right when seated near a 1080p display.

In terms of specs under the hood the model we are reviewing has an Intel Core I7–11800H processor, as well as GeForce the RTX3050T graphics card. Both are fantastic components for a laptop that costs less than $1,000. 16GB of RAM as well as the 512GB SSD is the norm for a gaming machine such as this, however they are still impressive given that many models under $1,000 are able to cut these numbers in half.

The Best Thin 144Hz Laptop Asus ROG Zephyrus M GU502GUXB74

Gaming laptops are known to be heavy. Even 14-inch models are large and heavy devices. The bigger chassis makes sense considering the power they require however, the purpose of a laptop to many users is to have the ability to carry a small, lightweight computer.

Fortunately, the Asus ROG Zephyrus M manages to make a slim profile, without sacrificing power. It’s just .78-inches in thickness and weights just a little over four pounds. It’s the tiniest of this list, and one of the most light.

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The Best 144Hz Laptops In 2022