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GDS Flight API Integration

valid until: 16 Feb 2024date published: 16 Feb 2023

GDS Flight API Integration - Global GDS
GDS (Global Distribution System) is a global computerized booking network which is used as a single point of connection for accommodating airplane seats, hotel rooms, car rentals and other travel products for travel agents, online booking websites and major corporations.
Global GDS is integrated with GDS Flight API integration enabling travel agents and travel portal websites to book flights online. We have also designed and established, booking engine which are integrated with GDS functionalities which are very useful for airlines. We are also integrated with top GDS offering companies including Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Worldspan and many more.
How Much Does GDS/API Integration in Travel Portal Development
Online travel agencies, travel consolidators, and advisors are adopting travel technology solutions to earnings a competitive edge in the market. They are also retaining existing clients and attracting new clients alongside. As a result, travel agencies have come up with an innovative solution for the increase of their businesses. This is through the GDS/API integration in travel portal software. This is a highly adjustable and automated way to control your online travel agency (OTA).
During a travel portal development for your travel business, GDS/API integration in travel portal is important for your online travel agency. It allows you and your clients access to a large inventory of flights, hotels, tour packages, etc. The GDS/API integration facilitates your clients to connection large inventories on one platform rather than going to several platforms to make various bookings. Therefore, to attract and retain customers, it is a must to integrate GDS/API with your travel portal.
GDS API integration for a Successful Expansion of Your Business Globally
Global Distribution System is an automated network that joins travel agencies and companies to Suppliers/aggregators for flights, hotels, vehicle rental, holiday packages, etc. GDS stores the latest data of different suppliers, which strengthens the travel agencies to give updated information to their customers.
GDS Integration offers a centralized reservation system for online travel agencies. It is an asset for travel companies to get services from independent suppliers like hotels, airlines, and car rental organizations on a single platform. Through single GDS API integration, Online travel companies can increase their business by reaching a wider audience.
As a best API integration company, Global GDS has years of experience integrating services for airlines, hotels, car rental, bus, cruise, payment and SMS gateways, etc. Global GDS has a team of developers for extraordinary integration services for all major GDSs like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, and Worldspan.
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GDS Flight API Integration