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Online Tutoring Assignment help in Mathematics, Statistics and Probability by Garg Sir 919461564661

valid until: 16 Feb 2024date published: 16 Feb 2023

Online Tutoring / Assignment help in Mathematics, Statistics and Probability by Garg Sir +919461564661We provide best online tutoring and assignment help for Statistics/Mathematics almost everywhere over the globe via online platforms. If you require assignment or Homework help or online tutoring then contact us immediately. Quality Assured LEVEL-GCSE, IGCSE, cbse, icse, mba, mca to UNIVERSITY masters DEGREEGCSE/IGCSE MATH ASSIGNMENT HELP TOPICSAlgebraCalculusCombinationsDifference EquationsGeometryMatricesPermutationsPre-AlgebraPre-calculusSequences / SeriesSimultaneous equationsTrigonometry IX, X, XI, XII- Vectors, coordinate Geometry, Algebra. Differential calculus, Integral Calculus, trigonometry, matrices, Determinants Area and Volumes etc.UNIVERSITY LEVEL- Engineering Mathematics, Statistics and Probability Theory, Bayes TheoremRandom variables ,Multivariate Analysis, Sampling Theory,Hypothesis Test,Binomial, Poisson, Normal distributions, Chi Square Test, ANOVAMoments, KurtosisCorrelation, Regression, Estimation of Parameters, Optimization Techniques, Numerical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Complex Analysis Integral Calculus 3D Geometry Abstract algebra Dynamics Differential Equations Quantitative Techniques, Research Methodology, Operation and Production Management, Operation Research Business Mathematics, Statistics Statistics Probability TheoryBayes’ TheoremRandom VariablesMass function, density function, distribution functionDiscrete Random Variables (Bernoulli, Binomial, Geometric, Poisson)Continuous Random Variables (Uniform, Exponential, Normal)Central Limit Theorem, Joint Probability DistributionMarkov Chains, Chapman–Kolmogorov Equations, Limiting Probabilities, Stochastic ProcessesRenewal Theory,Queueing Theory, Steady State Probabilities, Birth and Death Queueing Models, System M/G/1Reliability TheorySimulation, Monte CarloStatistical Inference, Confidence intervalsHypothesis testingSampling and Test of SignificanceLarge, small sample, z test, t test, chi square, f test, Analysis of Variance, ANOVA, Standard errorEstimation of parametersCorrelation, Regression Analysis:Multivariate AnalysisCentral Tendency, Mean, Mode , MedianDispersion, Standard DeviationSkewness, Moments , KurtosisIndex NumbersTime Series and Forecasting, TrendsTUTOR’S PROFILE I have a long experience of teaching as an assistant professor in leading colleges and universities here in Jaipur, India. I have been teaching Mathematics and Statistics to students round the Globe via online platforms also.
You may have a class first and if you find it worthwhile only then pay for this class and next classes @ 20 dollars per hour (i.e. if not satisfied then there is no need for payment). For assignments the charges depend on the length and depth of the matter.

Mobile : +919461564661

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