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Trane 2 Ton 15.2 SEER2 Heat Pump System with Install

valid until: 16 Feb 2024date published: 16 Feb 2023

Overview of Trane 2 Ton 20 SEER 24200 BTU Communicating System | XV20i Series 24000 BTU Heat Pump | 2.5 Ton Convertible Air Handler | 10 kW Electric Heater | R-410a Refrigerant | Includes Installation
For those looking for a lower capacity system with high efficiency and performance, the Trane 2 Ton 20 SEER Variable Speed Split System Heat Pump Communicating System is both robust and powerful. This bundle offers some of the best air conditioning equipment from Trane in a single package to give high efficiency operation, with a rating of 19 SEER. It combines all the best features from its individual components – (1) Trane 2 Ton 15.6 SEER2 XL15 24000 BTUh Heat Pump 4TWX5024N1000, (2) Trane 2.5 Ton 30000 BTUh M Series V/S Convertible Air Handler TEM6A0B30H21S & (3) Trane 5 kW (4.8 kW) 16400 BTUh Single-Phase Electric Heater BAYHTR1505BRK w/ Breaker.

Specialty of Trane 2 Ton 20 SEER 24200 BTU Heat Pump Communicating System
1. Trane TrueComfort™
In conformance with the Trane TrueComfort™ principles, this system is capable of adjusting each parameter of your system precisely to give you the best temperature with high accuracy. Additionally, this technology allows for smoother changes between operation modes, and thereby reduces operational noise by a significant amount.

2. ComfortLink™ II Communicating Capabilities
All parts of the system are in constant communication with each other to automatically adjust themselves to the current needs from your home, to ensure efficient operation while maintaining high indoor air quality.

3. Extensive Durability
All parts of the 2 Ton system are made from premium materials, designed to resist corrosion and rusts. Therefore, Trane assures that the HVAC units will serve efficiently for a long period of time.

4. High Efficiency
The Heat Pump is part of Trane’s highest-rated units, boating a 19 SEER rating. Therefore, the efficiency of the system is quite high, and you will be not be paying bills for energy wasted but rather only for your comfort.

Trane 2 Ton 20 SEER Heat Pump Communicating System
Nominal Capacity2 Ton
SEER Rating18.75 SEER ~ 19 SEER
EER Rating13.75 EER
Capacity24200 BTU
Heat Pump unitTrane 4TWV0024A1000C
Air Handler unitTrane TEM8A0B30V31DB
Heat Strip unitTrane BAYHTR1510BRKC

I. Trane 2 Ton 20 SEER XV20i 24000 BTU V/S Heat Pump 4TWV0024A1000C
To ensure optimum efficiency and operation of your system, this Trane 2 Ton 20 SEER XV20i 24000 BTU Variable Stage Heat Pump 4TWV0024A1000C enables the HVAC system in your home to communicate with other components and automate adjustments.

With Trane TruComfort™ technology at heart, the 20 SEER XV20i is able to ensure that minor adjustments can be made to quickly optimize for comfort and efficiency throughout the day. This helps you get the highest comfort while significantly lowering your energy costs. And, this is entirely possible due to the presence of the Climatuff® Variable Speed Inverter Compressor, which is able to make precise changes through its 750 incremental stages. Together, these additional features make it so that your 24000 BTU Variable Stage Heat Pump operates at 20 SEER efficiency, which is the best from Trane’s lineup.

In addition to efficiency, Trane has ensured that the condenser is extremely durable. First off, they have ensured that all the panels are galvanized, which helps significantly in preserving your airflow efficiency. Next, Trane has equipped its 20 SEER XV20i with WeatherGuard™ Fasteners, which are zinc-coated to resist corrosion.

Features of Trane 2 Ton 20 SEER XV20i 24000 BTU Variable Speed Outdoor Heat Pump 4TWV0024A1000C
ComfortLink™ II Capability
Louvred Panels for maximum protection
Climatuff® Variable Speed Inverter Compressor with high precision due to 750 stages.
Capable compressor sound insulator for low noise levels
Woven SpineFin™ Coil
Variable Speed Fan Motor
Swept Fan Blade
20 SEER rating, among the highest in Trane’s lineup of Heat Pumps
Specifications of Trane 2 Ton 20 SEER XV20i 24000 BTU Outdoor Variable Stage Heat Pump 4TWV0024A1000C
Heat Pump Specifications
Nominal Capacity2 Ton
Cooling Capacity24000 BTU
Horsepower1/3 HP
CoilSpine Fin TM
Heat Pump Electrical Data
Voltage208/230 Volts
Frequency60 Hz
Minimum Circuity Ampacity17 Amp
Breaker Circuit Prot. Rtg. (Maximum)25 Amp
Heat Pump Dimensions
Line Size – IN. O.D. Gas5/8 Inches
Line Size – IN. O.D. Liquid3/8 Inches
Heat Pump Height48 Inches
Heat Pump Width33 Inches
Heat Pump Depth30 Inches
Heat Pump Weight
Shipping Weight227 Pound

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Trane 2 Ton 15.2 SEER2 Heat Pump System with Install