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What are the SCORMcompliant solutions?

valid until: 18 Apr 2024date published: 18 Apr 2023

Businesses face the consistent need to create effective e-learning solutions. The SCORM-compliant solutions offer the best benefits to businesses aiming to create interoperable e-learning content. Let us dive into all details about these solutions.
What is a SCORM-compliant solution?
It stands for Shareable Content Object Resource Model. The best SCORM-compliant solutions offer quick tracking and management of different training-related data. Some of the popular data trackings include the following:

Training and learner’s progress
Amount of time spent on the learning test or course
Amount of time spent on the specific learning module
Which learning material is viewed frequently
What were the specific answers of the learners in the training programs
Overall quiz results and test courses

Any SCORM-compliant solution must have a ZIP file, information in an XML file, and uses JavaScript for communication. The top three sub-parts of any SCORM-complaint content are sequencing, run-time environment, and content aggregation. These are:

It helps create rules for the navigation of the learner through different learning modules. The different sequencing tools in XML help in end-to-end content management.

Run-time environment
It helps standardize the communication between content objects and systems. It offers an API and data model to both sides of e-learning.

Content aggregation
It standardizes the method of transfer of SCORM content through ZIP files. Further, it offers metadata instructions offering content searchable for learners.

The best SCORM-compliant solutions help create engaging and relevant learning content. Businesses can integrate different learning courses across the stack. There is no need to worry about content interoperability as SCORM-compliant content is accepted across different platforms. It is easy for businesses to use different LMS and L&D tools for effective content creation. Not to miss is one-time content creation and quick distribution according to business needs.
Concluding thoughts
Hence, it is easy to understand the SCORM-compliant solutions. The top three parts of these solutions include sequencing, run-time environment, and content aggregation. Several benefits of these solutions make it highly engaging, relevant, interoperable, adaptable, and dynamic content.

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What are the SCORMcompliant solutions?