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What Is an Emergency Dentistry Services?

valid until: 18 Apr 2024date published: 18 Apr 2023

Nevertheless, not every dental emergency should be treated with Emergency Dentistry Services. Asking yourself the following questions may assist you in deciding whether you can hold off until your next dental appointment or if you need to visit an emergency dentist:

1. Do you feel a lot of pain? An emergency is indicated by severe pain and bleeding.
2. Has a tooth fallen out? A tooth that is treated quickly may be saved.
3. Do you have a missing tooth? Teeth should never be lost in adults. Even when there is no discomfort, a loose tooth is a major issue.
4. Do you have a disease? Treatment should not be delayed if you have an abscess or significant oral infection since they might be fatal.
5. Do you have mouth bleeding? This might indicate that there is a problem.
In general, a dental emergency is any issue that requires urgent care to halt bleeding, lessen excruciating pain, or save a tooth. To schedule an appointment for your oral health, contact or (714) 992-2200.

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What Is an Emergency Dentistry Services?