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valid until: 18 Apr 2024date published: 18 Apr 2023

As we've been developing the game, it seemed that we could build sets in a new style that's similar to what we've observed during Diablo 3. We just needed more time to bring sets into the game with a style that would work well with the rest of Diablo 4, so you won't be seeing sets right away within the game. Shely explains. We believe that sets are very cool and want to do them right - so that's something we're looking in the future for our live-stream service.

There's an legendary staff in the demo that transforms [the spell] fireball into triple fireball spells, former director of the game Luis Barriga told Polygon(opens in new tab) earlier in 2019. The thing that's different is that, you know, a set right now in live Diablo 3 gives you bonuses that are a lot more than the thousands. I think we're designing the game to be less constrained in order to not get us in that exponential performance curve.

If you're new to the concept with the term set, Set Items are basically strong devices that can offer more power when put together. They're 'set' as they provide the exact benefits, and because, well they're part of sets. The first time they were introduced was in Diablo 2, though it was only in Diablo 3 that they were truly dominant. It is yet to be determined what effect they'll have on Diablo 4's meta. Diablo 4 meta should they occur, however we have no doubt that their influence on the growing fashion scene will be greatly felt.

It's a bit disappointing that the Diablo 4 beta hasn't convinced me, yet, however I'm excited to play further (Set Items or not).

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