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valid until: 18 Apr 2024date published: 18 Apr 2023

At 'thatDNAcompany', we conduct scientific personal information only, DNA paternity tests to determine if a tested male is the true biological father of a child or children.

Do you want to find out if someone is the biological father or a child or children? 'thatDNAcompany' can answer that question for you!

Our vision has always been one of enabling people to access complex genetic information, such as “who is the father of a child”? “That DNA company” is an online value brand for you to access DNA tests in the difficult times in which we live. Money may be tight these days, but you still need answers!

We do not send samples to other companies or abroad. By coming to 'thatDNAcompany' you will be using trusted and reliable UK based laboratories and with highly experienced customer service advisors.

We have been conducting DNA paternity tests for over 20 years and are highly recommended by previous customers with a great Trustpilot score!

Every one of us is unique. This uniqueness comes from our genetic code, which we have inherited equally from our biological mother and biological father. The “thatDNAcompany” paternity test detects the presence of shared regions of this unique genetic code within 23 markers, which can in turn be used to determine if individuals are related.

This produces extremely accurate results which will either exclude the man from paternity with 100% certainty or will indicate a paternal relationship with a very high level of confidence - usually in excess of 99.99%.

We understand the sensitive nature of these services and you can rest assured that our highly experienced team can answer any of your questions by compassionate means.

Tests can be easily ordered on our website, thatDNAcompany[dot]com or by calling us on 0203 603 1189 where we will be happy to take your details over the phone and fill in the forms on your behalf.

Once your test is ordered, sampling kits are sent by UK nationwide first-class mail either the same or next working day. This will arrive in discreet packaging with no branding on the outer envelope.

Clear instructions for taking the sample are available both with the sampling kit and helpful videos are also available on our website.

Samples are returned to us easily in our pre-paid tamper proof envelopes, so you have nothing extra to pay.

Once we receive all properly consented samples, results will be available in 4 working days, or you can pay a little extra and have the results in 2 working days!

Results will then be uploaded to our secure website where you can access the test report.

Order your paternity DNA test today from only £88.

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