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Car accessories

Car accessories

Car accessories greatly facilitate the driver's life by performing a variety of functions. Specifically, they can make car care easier, protect it from damage, provide protection for the driver and passengers, and contribute to the maximum level of travel comfort.

Types of auto accessories

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of these products, including:

  • Car floor mats. They can help keep the interior and trunk clean, help protect the car's floor from corrosion, and at the same time are low-priced.
  • Blanket. This category includes covers that are placed on cars stored outdoors. Covers for interior elements are also popular - for the seats and the steering wheel. These products prevent wear of the original upholstery and have an aesthetic function, decorating the interior of the car. Also, there are convenient bags for storing wheels, as well as products to protect the fenders during repairs.
  • Car care accessories. This category includes various brushes, sponge scrapers and towels. They help to thoroughly clean the body without damaging the paintwork, perform high-quality cleaning of the interior without leaving stains.
  • Accessories for safety in emergency situations. These are, for example, first aid kits, warning triangles, fire extinguishers, reflective vests, emergency hammers for breaking windows.
  • Car accessories for safe transportation of children. This category includes special child seats and booster seats designed for young passengers of different heights and weights.
    Tools for car emergency start, repair and snow removal. These include battery charging terminals, jacks, tire pumps with an air compressor, special shovels.
  • External accessories. These include products that are mounted on the car body and perform a decorative or protective function. Among them are window windshields, moldings, blind spot mirrors, license plate frames, front bumper protection products. In addition, roof rails and roof boxes are available to make transporting cargo easier.
  • Products for traveling with pets. This category is represented by carrying boxes that are fixed to the seats and provide comfort and safety for animals during travel. In addition, special covers are available that protect the seats from dirt, fur and claw marks.
  • Electronic devices and equipment for multimedia systems. These are video recorders, navigation devices, rear view cameras, parking radars, car audio systems, hands-free devices, mobile phone chargers. They help to use your phone while traveling and make driving more comfortable and safe.

To service and repair cars, you will need special tools. With their help, you will be able to change a tire, repair the wiring, dismantle defective components, assemble various devices, fill with technical fluids, remove defects on the surface of the body, clean, prime, paint, as well as carry out many other things by hand.

Types of tools

Multi-functional tools can be used for car repair, as well as those designed for specific car devices such as:

fuel system;
steering wheel;
air conditioning system;
electronics and more.

Among the products in the catalogs there are also tools that differ depending on the type of work that is done with them:

  • Connection and installation tools. These are devices facilitating the assembly and disassembly of metal, plastic and other components. These include chisels, jigs, punches, vices, choppers, pliers, wrenches, ratchets, T-keys, screwdrivers and more. This category also includes control and measuring tools such as torque wrenches, tape measures, rulers and others.
  • Leveling tools. These are products that are used to restore the geometry of the car body in the presence of dents or other defects. These include slide hammers and tin hammers, impact plates, hooks, levers and more.
  • Abrasive tools. A variety of scrapers, wire brushes, sanding discs and abrasive sheets are often used to remove corrosion marks as well as primer and old paint residue. For smoothing the surfaces, sanders can also be equipped with soft discs, such as felt.
  • Cutting tools. These are metal shears, shingles, cutters, drills, countersinks, taps, jigsaw blades, files and other products used to cut materials or make holes in them.

Many tools differ in the way they are powered, such as:

  • Mechanical. Their use requires physical effort.
  • Electric. They have a built-in motor and are powered by the mains or a rechargeable battery.
  • Pneumatic. They are connected to a compressor and supplied with compressed air.

Various car accessories are presented in our catalog. We help our customers save money. See for yourself today that the profitable purchase of auto accessories is possible!

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