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The most wanted gifts for Children's Day

The most wanted gifts for Children's Day

As the first of June approaches, every parent wants to delight their treasure with the most desired gift. In case you don't have an explicit wish from the little one, we have selected the most popular toys in the Baby and Child category in recent weeks.

Top 7 most wanted toys for girls and boys:

1) Scooter
2) Lego
3) Doll carriage
4) Bicycle
5) Children's kitchen
6) Active gymnastics
7) Track

According to the current user demand in the category, the most preferred among children are remote control cars, tracks, jeeps and drones.

Among little girls, the most popular are dollhouses, porcelain dolls, Barbie and Monster high dolls.

Educational boards, wooden toys and Montessori activities, as well as the most popular among the smallest toys, squishes, are the most sought after among entertaining toys.
For the smallest lovers of cheerful tunes, the most popular items are a musical merry-go-round, a turtle lamp, a piano and a musical carpet. In the days before the children's holiday, the interest in toys with a large growth in demand for trampolines, children's swings and slides is especially strong.

For teenagers, you can find a bargain tablet, smartphone or playstation game, and in case you have a kid's birthday coming up in the coming summer days, you can check out the listings for entertainers and organized entertainment.

For the most inquisitive kids, you can find children's literature for all ages in over 1,300 listings, and for the sporty and musical types, you'll find a wide variety of musical instruments and sporting goods.

Bids in the Toys category increased by 11%, and the number of users bidding in the category grew by 14% over the same period. Listings in the category received 21% more and buyers in the category grew by 15% over the same period.

A curious fact that confirms the rapid development of mobile consumption, including the search for similar children's goods, is the 41% growth of contacts made in the category through mobile applications in the last year.

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