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Many reasons to choose FreeAd1 to sell your car

Many reasons to choose FreeAd1 to sell your car

Classified sites abound, but few generate truly significant traffic to drive enough potential buyers to your listing to close a deal. Lucky for you, FreeAd1 gets a lot of hits per month!

For many people, posting a car ad makes the most sense to happen on a dedicated online platform. However, have you ever thought from your own experience of online shopping, how often have you been looking for a phone somewhere, and in the meantime come across a good deal on a TV that you just can't pass up? Do not forget that platforms with a variety of goods are visited by many buyers for a specific purchase, but seeing an irresistibly advantageous offer for another product or service, a large number of people would not miss the opportunity to take advantage of it. In this particular case, people who visited FreeAd1 to buy a phone without any immediate intention to buy a car, in the presence of a favorable offer, tend to strike a deal for the unplanned purchase right now so as not to miss out on the attractive offer.

No commission on the sale

When deciding where to post your ad, one of the most important factors especially when selling for a larger amount, as in the case of a car, keep in mind that the terms of some platforms require a commission (percentage or fixed amount) to be deducted from the value of the amount on which the transaction is concluded. On FreeAd1, selling your car does not create any such commitment.

You publish your car on FreeAd1completely free of charge

You can take advantage of all of the above and sell your car today without any financial commitment to the platform. Of course, you can always choose several channels to sell your car - this is the fastest way to see the absolute effectiveness of your listing on FreeAd1.

Convenient functionalities for potential buyers and sellers in the category

Potential buyers in the category can easily and quickly use detailed filters in the category, which refine the search as much as possible by the most important criteria when looking for a car. In addition, they can specify their search by location and even the perimeter of the location in which they are interested in buying the car.

The Quick Sale Formula: More Visibility + More Contacts = Successful Deal

Believe it or not, no matter where you post your ad, no matter if the price is quite attractive and the car is in great condition, if it doesn't stand out in the sea of car offers, then finding a buyer can take longer than you'd like, especially if you urgently need the funds from its sale!

Therefore, if you have no time to waste, FreeAd1 gives you the opportunity to distinguish your ad with the most suitable tools - the VIP options. They advertise your ad in the way you choose, for the time you choose and at the price you choose, because they are available in several single forms or a combination of them (VIP packages), which are the most powerful and complex tool for economical, effective and automated ad promotion that gets them up to 30x more views!
You can try and see for yourself with your chosen option. You just have to go to the active ads menu and click on the green Promote button against the ad you decided to prioritize.
HERE you can read more about the VIP options and how exactly they "work" for you.


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