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Zhongshan City Cisun Photoelectric Co., Ltd. is committed to LED outdoor lighting and LED lighting products R & D, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, China's high-end LED lighting industry leader in lighting. Zhongshan City, Cisun Photoelectric Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of LED pixel lights, LED line lights, LED flood light, LED wall washer, high power LED wall washer, DMX512 hard light bar and other urban lighting engineering lighting

date: 26 Nov 2018 - 26 Nov 2019

Lawrance TextilesLawrance Textiles

Lawrance Textiles

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Shandong Lawrance Textiles Co., Ltd. is a full vertical integrated textiles and garments manufacturing enterprise located in Zaozhuang City, in the Southern end of Shandong Province, China. The company operates in the manufacturing hub of Zaozhuang Economic Development Zone in Shizhong District. It’s consolidated manufacturing facilities are occupying a total land area of 174,732 square meters. The textiles manufacturing operations of Lawrance Textiles are divided into five major in-house production areas, namely; Yarn Spinning and Finishing, Knitted and Woven Fabric, Knitted and Woven Garment...

date: 04 Aug 2018 - 04 Aug 2019

Enameled Aluminum WireEnameled Aluminum Wire

Enameled Aluminum Wire

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Characteristic: Xinyu Enameled aluminum wire has excellent properties of mechanical strength. film adhesion and solvent resistance,light weight and is widely used in transformers,inductors,ballasts.electrial appliances, deflection coils in display,antimagnetized coils,induction cooker,microwave oven,reactor,etc.Standard in accordance with : IEC 60317-0-3:2008STANDARD:IEC 60317-0-3:2008DATE:10th,Jul.,2017TYPE:QZL-2/130SIZE:1.800mmTESTING ITEMS Refer to REQUIREMENT TESTING DATA RESULTS 1 Appearance IEC 60317-0-3:2008 3.3 Smooth Surface Qualified Qualified 2 C...

date: 03 Aug 2018 - 03 Aug 2019

Buy Affordable Solder Pot at AOYUEBuy Affordable Solder Pot at AOYUE

Buy Affordable Solder Pot at AOYUE

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Buy online solder pot AOYUE SP4000, SP1800 at Aoyue International Limited. Features: Power control. Suitable for lead-free and standard processes. Small size allows for easy handling and storage. Check out the other features and specification of solder pot at Aoyue International limited.Contact DetailsAoyue International LimitedJishui Industrial Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, ChinaTelephone Number:+86-760-23130303

date: 28 Jun 2018 - 28 Jun 2019