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VIP ad quick and easy

VIP ad quick and easy VIP ad quick and easy

If you want your ad to always come first!If you want to significantly increase the popularity of your ad and reach users much faster, take advantage of our special offer!! Make your ad VIP !The VIP ad is displayed at the top of our categories.How to make your ad VIP:There are two ways to make your ad VIP:1. After posting your ad you can choose these two options - VIP ad in ONE Country or VIP ad in ALL Countries.2. Open your ad and use MAKE VIP button.Make your ad quickly and conveniently VIP with just one click!

Buy Biodegradable Mulch FilmBuy Biodegradable Mulch Film

Buy Biodegradable Mulch Film

Sale / Buy » farm / garden
Norway » Askim

Searching for biodegradable mulch film?Get in touch with Biobag today. We have different sizes and qualities of mulch film that is sold under the name BioAgri all depending on the type of crop.Contact us for product information in detail, call #+1 727-789-1646.

date: 30 Apr 2021 - 30 Apr 2022

Bio Garbage BagsBio Garbage Bags

Bio Garbage Bags

Sale / Buy » bags
Norway » Askim

Searching for bio garbage bags to manage home waste in an environment-friendly way? Get a range of environment-friendly home waste management solutions at BioBag today. We offer the widest assortment of compostable products on the market including an extensive variety of retail products. All our products are compostable and the best alternative to regular plastic. Our products are fully biodegradable and compostable bioplastics that use renewable resources to provide a solution with low environmental impact.Get in touch for buying queries, call #727-789-1646 for more details.

date: 22 Mar 2021 - 22 Mar 2022



Sale / Buy » bags
Norway » Askim

Are you looking for a BioBag toilet system? The BioBag Toilet (BioToi) kit, is a compact toilet system specially produced to meet the strict terms of the army forces. The BioToi kit comes with a list of fully compostable and biodegradable toilet bags. The bag meets the entire seat making it very hygienic and user-friendly. Get more information at

date: 22 Oct 2020 - 22 Oct 2021

Best Compostable Products BioBagBest Compostable Products BioBag

Best Compostable Products BioBag

Sale / Buy » bags
Norway » Askim

Are you looking for the best compostable products in the world? BioBag offers compostable and biodegradable products at affordable prices. BioBag’s product range is the most comprehensive in the market for compostable products. We focus on quality, new, innovative, and earth-friendly products. For more information visit us at

date: 15 Oct 2020 - 15 Oct 2021

Compostable Shopping Bag LargeCompostable Shopping Bag Large

Compostable Shopping Bag Large

Sale / Buy » bags
Norway » Askim

Are you looking for compostable shopping bags? BioBag offers compostable shopping bags and they are a great choice to traditional shopping bags in plastic. The BioBags are made from the compostable material you can use the carrier bags for any purpose and compost them after use. Visit us at and buy online now and save big!

date: 09 Oct 2020 - 09 Oct 2021

BioBag Garden Waste SacksBioBag Garden Waste Sacks

BioBag Garden Waste Sacks

Sale / Buy » bags
Norway » Askim

Do you need breathable, UV resistant, and 100% recyclable garden waste sacks? Don’t waste your time now! BioBag is one of the best choices for your needs. BioBag offers an easy and hygienic collection of grass, leaves, and other garden waste sacks. Visit us at for more details.

date: 30 Sep 2020 - 30 Sep 2021

Compostable Product for Waste Management, Agriculture and Industrial ApplicationsCompostable Product for Waste Management, Agriculture and Industrial Applications

Compostable Product for Waste Management, Agriculture and Industrial Applications

Sale / Buy » bags
Norway » Askim

Are you looking for the best compostable product waste management, agriculture, and industrial application? BioBag delivers high-quality compostable products like biodegradable produce bags, dog waste products, tableware, cutlery, garden waste sacks, and biodegradable compostable bags, food waste products, food storage products. BioBag aims to degrade the carbon consumption of the customer by introducing environmentally friendly products. For more details, visit us at

date: 21 Sep 2020 - 21 Sep 2021

Plastic Mulch Film BioBagPlastic Mulch Film BioBag

Plastic Mulch Film BioBag

Sale / Buy » bags
Norway » Askim

Do you want to purchase a plastic mulch film at reasonable prices? BioBags provide BioAgri mulch film in different sizes and qualities. BioAgri is certified by compostable and biodegradable. BioAgri is biodegradable in soil and has a common life spread of 1- 24 months. For more details, visit us at or call us at 4769888590!

date: 09 Sep 2020 - 09 Sep 2021

BioBag 10L Compostable Waste BagBioBag 10L Compostable Waste Bag

BioBag 10L Compostable Waste Bag

Sale / Buy » bags
Norway » Askim

Are you searching for BioBag 10L compostable waste bag? Your wait is over at BioBag World! BioBag offers high-quality compostable bags, easy and hygienic solutions for households and commercial kitchens, through our breathable bags, liners, and sacks in a wide variety of types and sizes. Visit us at

date: 02 Sep 2020 - 02 Sep 2021

Compostable Fruit and Vegetable BagsCompostable Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Compostable Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Sale / Buy » bags
Norway » Askim

Do you want to buy compostable fruit and vegetable bags? Biobag provides a great alternative to regular plastic. All BioBag bags can be reused also for the separate collection of organic waste.Fully biodegradable and compostable bags a solution, with low environmental impact. Visit us at or buy it at affordable prices.

date: 28 Aug 2020 - 28 Aug 2021

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