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Slipform MachineSlipform Machine

Slipform Machine

Service » construction
USA » North Carolina » Salisbury

Slipforms Machine can provide several benefits and a better finished project. Concrete curb construction during the Past was made by hand and with a slow-finishing process. In present time, techniques have improved; Slipform machines have become faster and more reliable producing a better-looking concrete curb. Contact us today at more info visit:Web: 925 Confederate Ave.Salisbury, NC 28144, USAPhone: 704-638-0405E-mail:

date: 22 Oct 2019 - 22 Oct 2020

Using IASTM therapy cure elbow, wrist and hand painUsing IASTM therapy cure elbow, wrist and hand pain

Using IASTM therapy cure elbow, wrist and hand pain

Service » health / beauty
USA » North Carolina » Salisbury

You use your elbow, wrist and hand from morning till evening and it is common to get pain in your joints. Joint pain could be due to inflammatory disorders like bursitis, arthritis, sprains and strains, etc.  At Accelerate Therapy & Performance located at Salisbury, and Lexington, NC, our expert physical therapist evaluates your body to know the origin of the pain. It is important to cure the roots to get better for the long term. As you know physical therapy includes various treatments like IASTM, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, etc. All these are designed according to the patients...

date: 19 Aug 2019 - 19 Aug 2020