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How to edit or delete your Ad in

After you post your ad you will see a link.

Save this link!

After clicking on it you will go to a page where after entering the email with which your advertisement was published you will be able to enter a page from which you will be able to edit or delete the advertisement you have published.

Important! Save this link to be able to edit or delete your ad in the future

If you want to make changes to your active post, you can edit it.

When editing a post you can change the title, description and web site. You can't change photo or category!!

You can choose to receive responses to your ad by using our online form or providing your contact details, which will be displayed on your ad.

You can remove your post manually at any time by choosing the delete option.

Please note that all advertisements will expire automatically after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

If you have already completed editing or deleting a post and the changes aren't appearing, try refreshing the page.

Frequently Asked Questions
How many times can an ad be edited?
You can edit your ad on our free classifieds site as many times as you like. There is no limit for editing listings. You can edit the title of your ad, as well as the content, but you cannot change the category, subcategory or group in which the ad is placed. Unable to add or delete the uploaded photos. If there are photos that you do not want to be displayed - it is best to delete your ad and post it again.
How to delete your ad?
If you delete your ad - it is deleted forever. It cannot be recovered. There is no user profile on the site. This is a free classifieds site - no registration required. Therefore, even when an ad is deleted, it is not saved for later restoration.
Can the listing be renewed after the posting period has expired?
Your ad will be automatically deleted after the one year period. It cannot be saved. You will need to post a new ad. Important - you will not receive an email that your ad is expiring or has expired. It will be automatically deleted.