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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I save ads to "Favorites"?
When you save an ad to your favorite listings, you will be able to access that free listing quickly and easily. The "favorites" icon is in an easy and convenient place, right next to the "Post free ad" button. So at any time, instead of looking for the ads that impressed you and you want to look at later, you can save them in a separate page.
How can I add an ad to "Favorites"?
You can add an ad to "Favorite ads" from the list of ads from "heart" icon at the right top corner or on the page of the ad itself when you click on "Add to Favorites" button.
How long will the added ads be kept in "Favorites"?
All ads added to "Favorites" are saved until the expiration of their publication period, which is one year.
How many ads can you add to "Favorites"?
In the "Favorites" page - you can add up to 50 ads.
Can ads be removed from "Favorites"?
As you can add ads to "Favorites", you can also remove them with the "X" button, which is at the top right of the ad itself.