Beautiful exotic animals of many kinds available for sale at a very good prices in Germany.

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Beekeepers notebook. Beekeeper Web Note.

Beekeepers notebook. Beekeeper Web Note. video

Beekeeper Note is internet based note for management and controlof your beehives. If you register for free, you can manages your bee-gardens.You can:- create 9 apiaries (bee-gardens)- add 100 beehives per each apiary- you have visual board for every apiary. You can easy view position and bee mother's year forevery beehive. Every Bee year have different color- manage every beehive: beemother, type, honey produce- you have reports section where add produced honey - also and reviews section to save temporary state of beehiv...

Socilized serval kittens for sale Socilized serval kittens for sale

Socilized serval kittens for sale

Germany » Oldenburg

Socilized serval kittens for sale.1 male remaining. $4800. He will be ready to go to his new home on October 23rd.. Health Certificates provided. He is being hand raised and socialized around animals, and people in the house , He has an awesome personality! USDA licensed facility. Serious inquiries only please. Know the rules/laws pretaining to owning these in your area.

date: 15 Oct 2019 - 15 Oct 2020