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Photoshop ScriptPhotoshop Script

Photoshop Script

India » Ahmedabad

Photoshop Script Script to automate timeslice creation using a series of photos taken at different time. Can slice the photos in horizontal, vertical or diagonal slices.Visit for more information:- Address: E72, Sachin Tower,Anand Nagar Road, SatelliteAhmedabad, Pincode: 380015, State: GUJ, Country: INDIAEmail: anil@tejwani.comMob: 9925112645Gmail:

date: 23 Apr 2019 - 23 Apr 2020

Get Best Unique Sleeve Tattoo Design Tattoo GoGet Best Unique Sleeve Tattoo Design Tattoo Go

Get Best Unique Sleeve Tattoo Design Tattoo Go

art / actors / designers » painters
Brazil » Ahmedabad

From Shoulder to wrist, discover an aesthetic designs with the top and best unique sleeve tattoo designs for men. Explore our cool and trending body art ink ideas and inspiration online from Tattoo Go. Check out our portfolios to see our talented artist and amazing artwork, visit our website to get tattoo ideas.

date: 15 Apr 2019 - 15 Apr 2020

Bronze memorial plaquesBronze memorial plaques

Bronze memorial plaques

art / actors / designers » painters
USA » Ahmedabad

ARK Ramos is the world leader in Ada Signage, Custom Plaques and Metal Letters. Our plaques and letters are available in a variety of metals including aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel and zinc with every product covered by a lifetime limited warranty. Call +1800-725-7266 for more details now.

date: 12 Apr 2019 - 12 Apr 2020

442038807918 Outlook Support Number442038807918 Outlook Support Number

442038807918 Outlook Support Number

art / actors / designers » painters
UK » Blackburn

To further protect SMBs from cyberthreats and safeguard sensitive information, today we’re announcing the addition of advanced security features in Microsoft 365 Business, which gives businesses with up to 300 employees an affordable, comprehensive solution for empowering employees and safeguarding business data. Microsoft 365Business includes Office 365 for productivity and collaboration, plus device management and security capabilities to protect company information across the devices people use for work. Now we’re adding new ways to protect against phishing and ransomware and prevent uninte...

date: 04 Apr 2019 - 04 Apr 2020

442038807918 Sage Tech Support Phone Number442038807918 Sage Tech Support Phone Number

442038807918 Sage Tech Support Phone Number

art / actors / designers » designers
UK » Belfast

“One of the things we’ve learnt a lot about already is our relationship as business partners” confides Joe. “Sometimes when you see other co-founders on show you see them getting on really well and wonder why things can be a little more complicated for you. Actually, when you see them behind the scenes, everyone is facing the same challenges. It’s all normal, co-founders need to learn to manage each other.”Founded in Newcastle in 1981 by a local entrepreneur, a former NASA scientist and one of his students at Newcastle University, Sage’s global headquarters are still based in the city employin...

date: 04 Apr 2019 - 04 Apr 2020